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Websites for Property Research

Some awesome websites for anyone researching a property purchase   Some helpful websites for property research Below is a list of property market and suburb data websites that are valuable resources for anyone looking to purchase a property. Hopefully they provide you...

Overcapitalising: What it is and how to avoid it

What is it? How to avoid it? Overcapitalising - we hear about it all the time but what does it mean? I'm sure you've heard the term ‘overcapitalising’ - it's mentioned on every home renovation show in Australia. But what is it and why should it be avoided? While...

When the auction is passed in – to you! What happens next?

What happens when the property is passed in to you?   It's end end of the auction, the hammer has fallen and the bidding has finished To your amazement - you're the highest bidder and the property is passed in to you! You’re now standing in front of what could...

Say goodbye to debt

It can be easy to get into - but how do we get out of it? It’s can be quite easy to rack up consumer debt. HECS, credit cards, personal loans, and it can seem all too difficult to get on top of. Unfortunately - debt can also have a large impact on your borrowing...

Pros and Cons of Buying Off the Plan

There's a lot to consider when buying off the plan Off the plan properties can look appealing. I get it! I find myself gazing into the brochures and television adverts– getting lost in the wonderful images of happy families feeding ducks in the park. The young, urban...


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