Looking to upgrade or downsize?


Helping borrowers upgrade or downsize

Have you outgrown your current home? Maybe you need more room for a growing family?

Or perhaps you’re looking to downsize and find something a little cosier?

Chances are it’s been a while since you were in the market for a home and an equally longer time since you went shopping for a mortgage.

We will assess your situation and discover what’s best for you. We will look into how much can you afford to borrow and work out the best way to finance your next purchase.

There’s so much to consider – you might want to keep your current home as an investment property and use some of its equity as a deposit on your next home. You might want to build your dream home and are in need of a construction loan. Perhaps you’d like to take advantage of certain home loan features that weren’t as important when purchasing your first home – such as offset accounts and redraw facilities.

No matter what your circumstance may be, we will assess your situation and work out the best solution to facilitate your change of lifestyle.

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Borrowers who have just purchased their new property and are packing boxes

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